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Why was I born penniless!
In the ungodly unreal universe,
Are all human beings penniless! 
Is it a grace or curse?

Did I blunder in past!
In the capricious chartless creation,
Who knows in vast!
Is it a cognition or conception?

Why am I living creature!
In the embezzled earthly earth,
Are all things nimble nature!
Is it a trumped-up or truth?

Why do I like self-indulgence!
In the deadly debauched dwelling,
Do all lose their sense!
Is it a Monopolising or self-governing?

Why am I not immortal!
In the hazardous hellish hell,
Are all earthly beings immortal!
Is it a heaven or hell?

Why am I priceless person!
In the magnificent mingled mankind,
Are we master piece person!
Is it an unkind or kind?

Where am I present!
Which place do I belong to?
Here! By whom, am I sent!
Where do I return to?

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