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No one wants to be in trap,
Though world just as a trap.
We lure the prey;
Just for entrapment.
When we ingest the prey;
Just for imprisonment.

Once we are in the trap,
Hard to get out of the trap.
We hunt to be alive;
Just to exist here.
When we remain alive
Just to suffer here.

Oh! Being a living creature,
Have to obey the nature.
Who wants to be a prey!
Just to retain a life.
But! No one alive without a prey;
Just to revive other's life.

Ah! Hard to be alpha human here
Have to offer excel the mere.
But! Whose wishes to be fulfil;
Just as a slopeless slope.
Our desires remain to be fulfil;
Just as a hopeless hope.

Who wants to be in tempted trap!
Nature makes us a prey of the trap.
Countless how we are immortal;
Nature makes us earthborn.
Countless how earth are immortal;
One day it backs to unborn.

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