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I fastened on the wall
Where there creatures crawl.
I spent the day,
Gazing at the opposite wall, where spider play
And also the night,
Gazing at the glittering glowed light…

In the dawn of day,
You awaken from your dream every day.
You glance me with gloomy face.
You go to bath room to wash your face.
And rush
Through your homework,
But always
You fail to complete the work
At the end,
You say,-“I’ll do it in a moment.”

Next day
Steady situation
Is same,
Neither ancient day nor present day,
I’ve a preconception.
Your forefather used me as the same
Before I born
Those were star, sun and moon.

My duty is to point out
The value of time
As a brook flowed throughout
The years from ancient time.
Time is time,
You can neither increase
Nor decrease.
As you growing older,
Day after day
You won’t back to childhood day.

If I were a brisk as you.
Time is precious possession to you.
I’ll run my brain
Better than your brain’s art.
And do hard work not in the vain.
I’ll move along with my heart
But the tale is a painful pain.
My body, no one touch a little part.
Of course, they don’t have a time, or
In Ist stanza, which I have mention.
I never got a goal of tension,
Which I loathe their decor.
Though I revive in such a condition…

Strew and scatter,
As from a crackling cracker,
Sparkle along with shrill sound,
My words among you like a lighting sound,
Be through my lips to not busiest bod.
You build a key of life from rosebud.
“Time is always right
To do what is right.”
Until and unless
You cease to waste of time.
You are the sunless
Earth, you are suffer lots in your lifetime.

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