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Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

-Rober Frost

Saetry | Sancha Bir Subba

Saetry is a term derived from Sancha Bir  as “Sa” and Poetry as “etry”, a website or blog that hosts a collection of poems written by Sancha Bir Subba, who have authored and published two books My Heart Utters and A Toil can be grabbed its copy online Amazon Kindle.

Brief History

In the past, Sancha Bir Subba created a blog called My Poetry, for publishing his poems online in and around 2012. Later on, he keeps writing and posting more and more poems to his blog, which makes him to be accustomed to pen down his emotions directly to the blog. Now, it becomes the platform where his poems appear before publishing in his books. In December 2019, he renamed and upgraded the blog from My Poetry to Saetry, a website, registered as

Feature of Saetry

Saetry offers you poems in the various genres and categorized as Nature Poetry, Sentimental Poetry, Romantic Poetry, Situational Poetry and Abstract Poetry. Apart from written text, you can able to listen audios and watch videos of the recitations of the poems.

Sub-domain of Saetry:

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About Author

Sancha Bir Subba

Hi! I'm Sancha Bir Subba, who is an artist, poet, Author, blogger and tutor. Official website:   You read my biography, Click here .

You are welcome to SAETRY. Here, you may read my emotions, feelings, love, expression, and unexpressed things through the poems and this blog is dedicated to you all the poem lovers. After reading my poems, feel free to drop your comments and subscribe to this blog. 

All the contents are copyright by Sancha Bir Subba. All rights reserved. No part of any poems published on this website may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission of the publishers/Author.

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Note: This blog is recently renamed as Saetry from My Poetry.

Updated on 08-04-2020