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Image Credit: Achal Nikhil Raj Gupta

I feel sorry 
being a poor, 
not in brain, 
not in love,
not in wealth
except penny.

Sometimes I dream,
If I had uncountable money,
I may avail; 
luxurious life,
world in my hand, 
top popularity,
everything in my control.
And I think; 
money keeps happy, 
fulfils goals.
But will it happen?

Sometimes I wonder as a child,
I ask myself,  
have to study,
manipulate our brain, 
earn living,
controlled by desires,
governed by emotions,
remain unfulfilled goals,
incredible human thoughts,  
tempting earth, 
want immortal,
want luxurious life,  
endless hope,
priceless creation,
countless creature,
markless evolution,
predictless endable life.

sometimes I lost, 
in my heart, 
in my mind,
in dreamy world,
in greedy desires,
even forget my name, 
my place, 
just for musing mood.

Life is regretfull, 
I think!
Merely I'm poor, 
and my desires; 
stopped by, 
inevitable circumstances.

Sometimes I hear; 
poor wants rich,
richer wants richest,
but poor becomes poorest.

Sometimes I question; 
Why desirous we are!
Why luxurious we want!
Why "I" we say!
Why honourless poor is!
Why respectable richer is!
Do you think!
We all are one
except by blood???

Occasionally I'm suffocated by; 
my desires, 
my goals,
my dreams, 
my deed.
It chokes my throat 
makes me breathless.

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