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Trap. Image Credit: Sensible Survival

In dingy cell,
Cold evening, I was sitting silently.
With my charging cell,
My buddy was seeing SMS smilingly.

After a while, a college-mate got an SMS
Something type as a wishing card in the SMS.
She couldn’t ignore it, might be her friend,
Began chatting to the new number as her friend.

My buddy sparing his time on texting
Passed an hour, 2nd hour…., hundredth-hour,
I gazed him, his face was bright and smiling
When his mobile beep in a second or hour.

She questioned to him innocently
His face turned like a bloody sun
Her curiosity made me breathless frequently
He lied her like a man reaches to the sun.

Her face was beautiful like an abstract art.
She was not too tall and not so short.
But her nature tremble his heart
He poured his feeling on her as a flash flood.

Text and call made them closer and closer
But her exam was coming nearer and nearer.
I was also giving exam energetically
But their hazy hassle hit my heart hardly.

I wanted to reveal the matter to her
But previous prank of message shut the door
That was I teased her over the mobile
And she pranked me, I got furious for a while.

After few days, my college exam was over
While returning to my home I went to a hospital,
Getting late of calling my name out I called her.
But I slid a word, no place to escape at all.

Now, she woke up fully,
Calling me again and again,
I tried to cool down her slowly
But till I reveal the matter, she was in pain.

She tremble me over the mobile,
I was shopping in market but I cut off her calls,
I tried to lie her merely for a while,
I chatted to her instead of her clever calls.

But! But… But! How far I could tell lie to her,
Really! She exchanged her emotion to me
At last! I leaked the secret matter to her
But! With her promise keeping a save place for me.

He didn’t know what was going on
Lightly! I distracted in their relation
Though he was chatting to her frequently
But her preference to him was partially.

She said to me the secret matter often
That she doubted to her other friend
But I’ve no protected place to lie her often
Gradually, I fell on her trickery friend.

She never thought me that I disclose her number
But it was happen naturally like an earthquake
I tried to be honest but unable to keen away the matter
And inevitable situation made me an earthquake.

After a week, they want to stay unknown,
I enforced them that I would open their way
But none of them was agree, becoming known
Neither here nor there, I just lied on their way.

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