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“Who are real permanent helpers?”
I asked my musing mood
I found sun’s heat sweeter than others
Yellow, pale and red, withered leaf covered the wood
My vision was sparkling over the dead leaf in winter
Oceanic sky unlike a nuclear fission of the cloud…

Parent helps what I need
Neighbour helps when I suffer 
Awful company helps to misdeed
Good Quaker helps to each other
Teacher helps to study
Elder brother helps to make tidy.

Nimbly, O nimbly I’m heart-rending
“Reply of question is not found”
Though my brain deciding.
Softly these words, in second round
“I have legs, eyes, ears, hands,
Tongue, nose and also brain...”
They never leave me 24 hours, and
Give services save as they pain.

I was walking slowly in the oozy dell
One moment, take respite under the tallest tree
Doves were murmuring as coo-coo o’er the dell
I think, everyone ever need help, Yea! I agree
Intuition is the king of permanent helpers
It actions like a talented thinker
Bravo! My hands are wit-worker for me
And legs are the treasure-transporter for me.

If I were a blind
The environment turn as a blind
But I have eyes, my vision clear
Eye like a human light bulb
And the sound waves are specified by the ears
Hark! A cuckoo birds chanting sweet-sounding song
They are helping throughout the life
But it has own exit and exist.

If I were an inarticulate,
My actions like trees mockingly
But I have tongue, innermost pathos are translate,
And also detect taste as delicious absolutely
And also olfactory organ i.e., a nose
Smell! The garden replete by sweet-smelling of primrose
They are helping throughout the life
But it has own exit and exist.

If my soul reached the heaven by end of life
Sorry! I’m not an immortal lad.
Yea! I stay on the earth, still alive
Yah! I depart the permanent helpers I glad
Dependant has vain brain save independence life
In whose help, hard work simultaneously, duty of life may consist
They are helping throughout the life
But it has own exit and exist.

Still I relax, I meditate what I gain
No life without help, no life without help I say again
I credible nothing but the kind-hearted
Such a bod has oomph with sensible power
The night falls nearer and nearer
Eddy was blowing o’er-and o’er the dell
At last I mounted the hill.

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