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I was in a classmate’s home
Surfing internet at noon,
Family was on duty, silent at his home
He joked me like a moron.

He edited his Facebook account
I was sitting beside him
After few minutes, I logged into my account
The displaying page was so slow and so dim.

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We waited the browsing page till open
I clicked the Home on my profile
And it took time to open
I confirmed the friends’ request in a while.

He was lightly loony about Facebook
Both we searched friends’ request info
I had made forty friends on Facebook
One of them had mobile number in the info.

He fully fussed, I also eagerly excited
I started him smilingly, he gazed me gladly
We opened her profile without late
She was doing diploma in computer recently.

Her details were collected, the number was selected
We took out own mobile, we thought for a while
Her number was saved; connected her over the mobile
She was admirable, we messaged to her mobile.

In the evening, she messaged me
And I chatted to her for sometime
Through list of her friends she had added me
Few days later, I’d updated her request online.

He prankly proposed her
She kept his proposal in pending
He put such matters on my ear
She had a boyfriend while clarifying.

She phones us especially in day
I poured my emotion into her heart
She became closer to me day by day
She asked me a gift of art.

She wanted to meet me so much
That she urged me through call
I postponed the meeting dates so much
That she felt me like a pearl.

I was doing computer class
While staying in paying guest
She phoned me to meet her in a mass
Of people in market as a guest.

I was interested to meet her at that day.
Restriction on me for visiting in vain
I was in dilemma at that day
I didn’t face such situation again.

I couldn’t meet her though she requested
She enquired about me through him
She was so close that I never expected
About her I used to tell him.

On 14th February, I was invited
'T Was 1st time, I felt shy to meet her
I missed her over the date
I switched my mobile on two days later.

I had made a gift of painting
It was of landscape on canvas.
I promised her to give the painting
For me! Valentine’s Day was the gash. 

She continued to phone me from next day
I told her, I was busy on the Valentine’s Day
I planned to meet her next month
She asked me to bring the gift in that month

Ere I meet her at my home
I packed the painting patiently
And I went to my uncle’s home
That night I woke up frequently.

She rang me at the dawn of day
She was suffering from common cold
The meeting date was postponed to next day
I thought her as precious as gold.

Whole day my heart dreamed about her
I realised what we talked over phone
And I read her messages with missing her
That day, almost of the time I spent alone.

 I chose clothes
And ironed it twice
I couldn’t take the meal as usual
My heart wasn’t there at all.

I phoned her, morning of meeting day
She planned with me for meeting place
She fixed the meeting time of that day
And a diverged road having a resting place.

I went there
And waited her for a while
‘T was nearby her home I felt fear
Are you coming? I asked her over the mobile.

Few peoples took rest and crossed there
A car came and U-turn there
It was mid-day, sunny and sky was clear
Few students talked with me, a school was near.

I pranked her by calling
“if you got married,” I run away from here
She said, “No! I'm not married, I’m coming…”
I spent two, three hours there.

Finally, she came with calling me
My eyes were contacted to her eyes
Just she caught my hand and smiled me
My heart became lighter than the swarm of bees.

Her eyes with eye shadow like a twinkling star
Her lips was as red as a rose
I got suitable height in comparison to her
She dressed up as attractive as a primrose.

Hesitatingly, I presented the painting to her
And both we went to nearby market
Up to the half way I reached her
Two days later, again I met her at the market.

Few days she didn’t receive my calls at all
No calls, no messages, no missed calls from her
I was heart-rending like in someone’s funeral
From there, her calls were received no more.

After one year, I’d gone to uncle’s home,
At the dinner time, I got an unknown call,
The caller was my friend, who lives near her home,
Her details were updated; I kept it secret at all.

The event was almost far away,
I was also busy in my work, but that day
My wounded heart was squeezed itself
But she was no more bachelor girl herself.

I realised her memories,
But couldn’t contact to her,
Slowly, trying to cease the memories
And never have such experiences no more.

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