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The day and hope,
Beclounding at the horizon of dreams.
Every job seeker's hope,
Dreaming in their dreams.

When they completed school,
For living, new hope to their lives,
But situations make them a fool,
As an incurable disease ruining their lives.

They may hold their age,
If time permits them.
They may write on every new page,
If luck favours them.

Some are earning a livelihood,
Almost a whole life in hope of Interview,
When they are facing an adverse livelihood,
There is a ray of hope to pass the interview.

Every blurry image drops on WhatsApp,
They click so fast to open,
With charming face looking at WhatsApp,
But downpour on their faces when they open.

The day that you want,
When it comes you will be late,
The life that you want,
When it comes you will be at the heaven's gate.

Image credit:  Live Science

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