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Your voice is so sweet,
So satisfying to my ear,
When we meet,
You and I, near and dear.

I couldn't say no to you,
Since you are hoping for help,
I couldn't hold my heart for you,
Since I'm brimful of loyalty for help.

I have no space to be penitent,
Because I knowingly got into a snare,
And I know,  you are impenitent,
Which burns my heart without any care.

I forfeited the worth of one month,
In hope to make more,
No sign of returning the worth of one month,
But you ask for more and more.

Finally,  no options left for being a checkmate,
I have to pitch in unintentionally,
And have some mercy for the school-mate,
Though I don't want intentionally.

Image credit:  Steemit

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