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In hope of regularizations,
Burning your existing educations,
Enlightening many students,
But all are your penitents.

Interview comes in a never-never land,
Which is mossy and marshy,
Ignorantly you treading on the wetland,
But all are your gloomy.

Once in your life, nigher to job termination,
Clear all interviews as a boarding pass,
Waiting the plane, nigher to rejection,
But all are your bare-ass.

Your life as a river,
Twisting and turning flowing down,
Hopes and letdowns without a driver,
But all are your delusion .

Your age is your timer,
Which is uncontrollable,
Span of life measuring on the timer,
But all are your unpredictable.

Behind all these predicaments,
Debts and family hanging on your shoulders,
As a malady without medicaments,
But all are your burdeners.

Word meaning
*never-never land = dreamland
*Letdowns = disappointment
*nigher = closer, nearer
*bare-ass = completely unclothed
*malady = disease

Image credit: Springborn Staffing 

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