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Image Credit: Isha Foundation

Closer and closer to the Code of Conduct,
Youths are hastening to the deadly door,
Coz if time is over, authorities have to abduct,
And prevent them from passing through the door.

Youths are conscious about their future,
Well-known, the door, closing for another five years,
On time, they want to secure their future,
But the future tickets are limited for another ten years.

Market value of Foodstuffs and apparel,
Killing the peasants and temporary workers,
Ultimately, present predicament into quarrel,
Government seems as a solution maker.

Job, job and job, every corner of our state,
Lacerated the ears of the politicians,
Angry assembly in the capital of our state, 
Earthquake of protests shakes the hearts of politicians.

Youths are ready for temporary tasks,
But the existing employees pleading for regularisation,
For justice, every citizen asks,
But theirs dreams make them barbarisation.

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