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Image Credit: McKinsey

Now, my study is over,
I feel I am playing a role of teacher.
But my study is yet to be over,
Still I am far away from becoming a teacher.

When I was young,
My homework depended on copying.
But today also I feel I am young,
Because yet to be stopped the habit of copying.

In classroom, when teacher used to ask me,
"Have you done your homework?"
Bowing down Head, pretends saved me,
Now as a teacher, homework is homework.

When we used to be late to class,
We were died alive with the teacher.
But as a Trainee, late to class,
How hot trainer's mind is cool down as cold water.

Supplementary papers in our pocket,
Hard to look up being the students.
During exam hall, papers and papers in friends' pocket.
As a Trainee, answerable with lot of pretends.

Originality of studenthood is yet to be gone,
Though our span of life crossed the childhood,
Originality of teacherhood is yet to be come,
Though our profession confined us the teacherhood.

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