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With what thing, are you satisfied?
I'm crazy about the thing,
But until now, it is unidentified.
Most people are looking for the thing.

No one can understand about the thing,
In reality, what is it?
You assume money for the thing,
After getting, are they happy with it?

Some may assume it as reputation,
Some may assume it as passion.
However, they couldn't find looking for,
No one knows, what they are looking for?

Someone says it's religion,
You get peace and happiness.
But you are perplexed by religion,
While looking for trueness.

The thing is as the light of horizon.
It is so glorious that no one can lose.
Our eyes and heart be in the horizon.
Yet, no one reach to the close.

The thing is as the change of day and night,
You are rendering which is right.
It keeps on changing from one to another.
It makes a mystery from one to another.

Perhaps, the thing is unknown,
That you are looking for,
However, you are interested to find the unknown.
Because of that, we are living for.

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