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When I open my eyes,
I found myself on bed,
When I get up from the bed,
I see mobile is waiting,
Laptop in queue.
When I meet with a person,
Recall, my previous promises,
I try to fulfil, I forget someone's unintentionally,
I try to close my eyes,
Something roams in my brain,
When I recall, a buggy of train,
Keep adding day after day,
Ok, I'll... ok I'll...,
Trying to convince my heart,
Without slumber and appetite.
In my dictionary, there is no night,
I see only day.
There is no waiting shed,
I see only footpath.
There is no knowledge,
I see only logic.
No thirst, no hunger,
Only mystifying with own mind.
Everyone is worrying about health,
But I forget to drink the cup of water on the table.
Trying to complete the task,
To make someone gratifying,
My eyes reach at watch,
When urine bladder is about to burst.
After lavatory, I just lay on the bed,
The rooster calls for the morning,
I've to wake up by scrubbing eyes.

Image Credit: Ali Miller

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