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Image Credit: Wooden Dustbin Stock Photos

Knowledge is following down somewhere in my brain,
With utile and futile as soily water following down in drain.
Somethings stinking as a rotting rat in a corner,
Everyone is dumping everything in brains who is the owner?

Information, information, wherever my eyes and ears reach at,
Morning and evening, without a rest I'm looking at,
Sometimes happy, sometimes sad in a mobile,
My brain cannot survive without a mobile.

Some brains are addicted to drugs and marijuana,
They are ruining down by taking drugs and marijuana,
I could have reinstalled the brains,
If I able to format our brains.

Some memories are deeply immersed in my brain,
Which I want to delete from the brain.
I could have deleted those remembrances,
If it was in the form of electronic devices.

Some people's brains are poisoned by libido,
Either a little girl or a call girl, they find only libido.
I could have used anti-venom to the brains,
If a serpent bit their brains.

Some peoples are addicted to corruptness,
Who are really blind to poorness.
I could have reformatted their brains,
If it was the formattable brains.

Cruel hearted persons are trying to suppress under them,
Innocent civilians are being slaughtered by them,
I could have reprogrammed their brains,
If it was the editable brains.

What an operating system installed in our brains,
Human made hard drive is nothing to our brains.
Who programmed such amazing software?
No hacking and tracking, really amazing software.

Difficult Word
Libido: Sexual desire, sexual urge
Serpent: Snake

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