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Image Credit: Omni Bus Taravel

In an omnibus, heading to own abode,
Aft taking valedictory from grooming,
Held at NERIE as an educational abode,
All the cubs at sleeper seat, by laying.

Emitting malodorous blocked by nozzle,
Not a sign to predict whose pedes.
Iron shrill murmur burst my auricle,
Cowardly pointing at my pedes.

Petitioning a cub with cowardly voice,
"Unbuckle the shoes, tell him".
The cub was snubbing with her voice,
How can I awaken him.

Difficult Word
Dame: Madam, ma'am
Omnibus: Bus, carrying many passengers
Abode: Residence
Valedictory: Farewell
Grooming: Training
NERIE: North-East Regional Institute of Education (in Shillong)
Cubs: Trainees, inexperienced youths
Malodorous: Unpleasant-smelling
Nozzle: nose
Pedes: feet, pl. of pes
Auricle: ear
Cub: Trainee
Snubbing: ignoring, rejecting

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