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Image Credit: Fateclick

My aspirations may be incomplete,
But everyone wishes to complete,

Benighted dreams eat my slumber,
To achieve it, I can’t wait a number.

Dreams' upshot soil my brain,
And in my eyes, it wreaks only rain.

I pause for tomorrow,
To touch the celestial point;
But I lose only bone marrow,
And fall tear-drops as a tiny point.

My ticker ticks for mankind,
Earthen hurly burly drag me behind.

My vision, alter world as thornless,
Where, no our incompleteness.

I care, dispel Lucifer from sinners,
Where solely existence of lovers.

Hope to breathe in Eden,
In this planet, will be a roun;
I exist here in an unlatched den,
In heaven, hope, utter my noun.

Anguished thorn plunge my heart,
No cure is found to the lesion,
I strive to save my heart,
Hard to tolerate the infliction.

The bleeding blood brims an ocean,
The raining tear rains forever,
I may not live as long as an ocean,

But hazy hope lives forever

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