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No time to be in a long emotions,
Feelings to be exchanged in seconds,
We need to be run as in motions,
But all are not ready in seconds.

Human life is unpredictable;
When gusty eddy comes,
When gusty eddy goes,
When rain comes,
When rain goes,
When foggy comes,
When foggy goes,
When death comes,
When death goes.

In our life no guarantee;
With the money all the time,
No fixed date of living time,
We are the helpers of others,
Others are our helpers.

Have you ever experienced?
Moment without money,
No credit without repay,
Job without salary,
But work with compulsory,
Duration without extension,
And situation without retention.
Nor you breathe in at the moment,
Or you breathe out at the moment.

In our life, sometimes,
Troubles come by becoming as;
A crisis of money,
A tide of time,
An emptiness of morals,
A stupidity of own behaviour,
A lack of self-centred.

Moments without money are;
Weeping without tear,
Dispute without clear,
Life without air,
Voice without ear,
Love without share,
Work without care,
War without saver,
Smart without clever,
Learn without gain,
Wound without pain.

Work with unavoidable is;
Start with end,
Birth with death,
Dark with light,
Sad with delight,
Jail with bail,
Heaven with hell.

If you do work and have money,
You are fan of your relatives.
If you do work and have no money,
You are leech of your family.
If you don't work and have money,
You are a lavisher,
If you don't work and have no money,
You are a more frustrated burdener.

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