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Image Credit: Rediff

I lose my crucial moments,
just gliding my finger 
on beautiful images, 
reading comments
as a reader, 
just crazy on images.

Facebook void my sleep, 
day becomes night, 
night becomes day, 
eyes swollen by sleep, 
no sense to right, 
each day is birthday.

I make friends beyond a limit, 
world is at my fingertips, 
I connect to all over the world, 
difficult to find friends in limit, 
naming is at their fingertips, 
just as images and posts of world.

Invest as I can, 
even my emergency balance, 
to view stuffs, to be online, 
eyes open as I can, 
0  balance at a glance, 
breathless until I come online.

No net peck, no Facebook, 
hard to breathe a moment, 
my brain becomes void, 
no interest on book, 
difficult for adjustment, 
no use of android.

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