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I care to ignite a candle,
To vanish the utmost murk.
I don't know how to handle,
If vanished the dark.

No worth of the candle,
If it burns in light.
I've a dreams' bundle,
In me no bright.

I care to ignite the dreams' bundle,
To be in light of it,
But unable to ignite the bundle,
Coz someone hid its matchstick.

Neither will I beg him,
Nor I bribe the matchstick.
Neither I wrath with him,
Nor I impound the matchstick.

If I had have the matchstick,
Couldn't have lesson on murk.
In someone's hand, the matchstick,
Neither it burns nor does it slay the murk.

But I wish to have it one day,
Care to ignite the dreams' bundle.
Exhausted to wait the day,
Mislaid the hope to skip the hurdle.

If the dreams' bundle was set by light.
The world was materialising the dreams.
Transgressed the pleasure with my delight,
But the dreams' bundle left me the dreams.

However, my expectancy, burning lively,
Hope in hope and hope to hope.
My trial is unsolved vividly,

Hope in hope and hope to hope.

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