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My thoughts and a few moments

I had many dreams,
But not big promises, 
Only to make my children's dreams,
And to maximise their potential. 

As a lotus in a wetland,
I wanted to make my children, 
Not the hero of fairyland, 
But the hero of their life.

And guided them with my inner cries,
To explore this universe,
Not by their naked eyes,
but by pearls of wisdom. 

While seeing them in a heap of papers, 
Without looking at it, running here and there,
Guiding them by myself, picking up those wrappers,
And even on holidays, I used to be here.

I couldn't see this learning temple surrounded by thickets,
Sometimes, I used to take the help of Pwd,
And I never looked into my pockets,
Coz, I just wanted a teaching-learning environment.

I never tell them to study hard,
But encouraged them with my creativities,
And through extra notes, charts, and a flashcard,
And they never wanted to miss my classes. 

Having all those zeal but no time,
I feel that life is short,
Their noises are memories in my present time,
And I miss my classes, children, and colleagues.

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