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I'm tired of saying busy

Now, my voice also fainted out,
Trying to yell,
And I shout, 
But echoes only in a well.

And my lips also, 
Dried, cracked and frozen.
And my throat also,
As a river snowed and frozen. 

Too swamped with someone's work,
As if, no time to dine a bite,
Yelling out to put away someone's work,
Always, my "No" melted to their praising bite.

Sometimes, Suri comes to me,
Meo-Meo, she yells at me,
Busy at the laptop, snoring others in bed,
Rooster crowing, moving to my icy bed.

How far I could say busy,
When their work in traffic of busy, 
My sleep or chill-out, 
Maybe on the way or already burnt out.

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