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Image Credit: State Herald

It was so cold,
No sun, only dark cloud,
Hard to bear,
Hoping to meet the star.

With the coagulated time,
I reached a buddy's home
As I landed on a moon,
Coincidently the star falling to the moon.

When I heard the name of the star,
I found it very far.
But I don't know it was falling,
And I will be meeting without calling.

When I met the star,
With the big hope,
But I couldn't illustrated the star,
How I was in mope.

The star was the star,
When I saw it very far.
In fact, the star was looking for me
It came to know when it met me.

I have a big dream
To get the honey of knowledge;
I have an endless dream
To see the honeycomb of knowledge.

I saw all these in the star,
As a beehive of knowledge from very far.
But when I got the star nearer to the moon.
Started disappearing the beehive very soon.

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