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Image Credit: Isb Mag

At night, I received a missed call.
The number was unknown.
I tried to back call
And to be known.

The number was saved
At the keypad phone.
But namelessly saved,
To confirm it I'd to phone.

Gradually, I messaged her,
Questioning her name and place,
And creating a curiosity to her,
I was not so far from her place.

Unknowingly we were so close,
That I don't have a word to express.
Her voice was so ariose,
That how melodic I can't express.

Although she was in her prison,
If she was found calling,
Her blood stains the wall of prison,
And doom to hell whom was calling.

Despite the parents' restrictions,
We called at each other,
Chatted as cardinal conditions,
And shared at each other.

One day she was caught,
And prevented her from calls.
I was also taught,
Through their nonstop calls.

She texted me hiddenly,
Even though the full of risk.
I continued with her patiently,
As having a full of brisk.

After some months, I was invited,
At Singtam market for confluence.
Before this we were not greeted,
That was a cell phonic influence.

I went to Singtam.
Before she came I reached,
At Rangpo Taxi Stand in Singtam.
About affair, I was not preached.

I stood in a corner of the building,
Eyes were seeking hither and thither,
A girl came closer to me by calling,
And she paced hither and thither.

She went after a moment.
Again a girl roamed around me.
I lost my brain in the moment,
But just she confused me.

After that, someone rang at my cell,
Investigating "Are you with a bag?"
"Did you wear black dress?" over cell,
I was standing, carrying a bag.

I replied, "Yes",
And asked her, "Are you Vicky?"
But she didn't say, "Yes",
That was just tricky.

Instantly someone closed my eyes,
And she spoke in melodious tone.
Removed her hands from my eyes,
And introduced me in soft tone.

I presented a diary milk hesitatingly,
And I was walking with her.
A teacher smiled at us lightly.
A brother saw me with her.

I felt embarrassment with her.
Although we went to a restaurant.
I couldn't order anything as her.
She ordered repast as her aspiration.

But I couldn't speak well with her.
Hiddenly she paid the bill.
As in cell, I couldn't express with her.
And I was inactive as ill.

She got me into a taxi.
And I was given a "kat burry".
She was glaring towards the taxi,
When it was leaving in hurry.

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