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I got to do many things beyond the time ,
Which I never end by sleepless working.
Perhaps, I could have born twice at a time
Perhaps, I could have magical power in working.

Day is in the boundary of time,
Night is in the boundary of time.
Neither I can increase nor decrease,
Perhaps,  God has buried to add the ease.

But I have a question for God,
Why did you create us with desirous heart?
Neither I can change nor request to God,
Perhaps,  God created us with marvellous art.

If I were born brain less,
Or if I were born with undesirous heart,
Perhaps, the time wouldn't be less,
Perhaps,  earthly things are not tempted by heart.

I don't want to say "no" to anyone,
The work which I have knowledge.
But every decision is justified by time.
Perhaps,  God has mapped my deed in time.

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