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Image Credit: Edubilla

Without learning hard to breathe here,
Unlearned persons, dumb by hearing your words,
They try to understand what is going out there,
But their unemployed brain cannot deploy your words.

Without penny hard to acquire education,
But, can schools only be a place to learn?
Who says, is needed penny for education?
At last, poor work out their asses off to earn.

Government has tried everything,
Supporting poor from shelter to food,
Just as something is better than nothing.
However, their faces expressing no good.

Study, study... lacerated the learners' ear,
But they are happy to be a porter than a learner.
Penny, penny... from their ear to ear,
And their parents are eager to see them a earner.

Earning without learning is just a futile,
Penny can live up to their earthly desire,
Cannot re-shape their brain, but makes them fragile,
Without Education, dissolving poor is a desire.

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