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Image Credit: The upside down world

I've a big dream to brighten your face,
But if I got what I had desired,
What my life would be?
I wished to see your moony face,
But I couldn't get what I desired,
So, what your life would be?
How could I bury your sweat drop by drop?
From your eyebrow, from your elbow.
You educated me by sweating drop by drop.
You grew me by turning your body as rainbow,
While carrying cement or sand.
You tried to get whatever I cared in brand,
How could I uncover my misery?
Moment by moment, already you are suffering.
To repay your expensive effort
What can I give you rather than misery?
To surmount your suffering
What can I do by being a parasite on your effort?
Every night, you exemplified an individual.
I know! It's offspring's time to heal your pain.
But the path is crumpling down, where I travel.
Your pathetic life wreaks me only tears in vain.

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