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Image Credit: Belief Net

If I were conferred undesirous heart by God;
All my life would devote for an august thank to God,
Freedom from the petition of prehensile heart,
No awe to the earthly molestation being a hapless heart,
No lures to the earthly resplendence,
From the earth of hope I'd be bestowed an independence,
Tongue's flavour mightn't be mystified on nectar of earth,
My ears mightn't be heeded the mellifluous vox of earth.

I opine such a spot in this notional nation,
That exists only in the echt existence;
All are floating in mellow motion,
Air-filled of flavourous fragrance,
Godly love wipe out sins fairly forever,
No one palpates sternly sufferings never,
All lives blessed with endless validity,
Human hearts are created without stolidity,
Hungers and thirsts satisfied by God's sermons,
Humans are beshielded from demons,
Not cultivated the Selfishness of own desire,
Not alert of any trail of ire,
No day and night as here,
Everything is fixed up lastingly there.

If I were conferred undesirous heart by God;
I wouldn't be a prey of copywriters of God,
Elysium wouldn't be far-off,
May not be asleep to see the heaven,
To see happiness I won't go far-off,
Perhaps, this earth will be an eden,
Not essential to be a devotee for salvation,
To dispel lucifer I won't confused in any religion.

But may I pose a question
Who created our desirous heart?
It was God or Beelzebub, or just illusion
Tho', busy with the art of desirous heart.

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