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To be a poor is to bear the hardship;
It may be troubles of world,
It may be sufferings of sin,
It may be curse of god,
It may be warning of death.

Within us, somethings are not in our control;
It may be our wishes,
It may be our last breath.

There are inequalities except the blood relation;
It may be our status,
It may be class of our society.

Sometimes, poor cannot afford the basic needs;
It may be his meal,
It may be his clothes,
It may be his shelter.

Sometimes, poor is ruined down for want of money;
It may be failed to receive his education
Even the education is affordable,
It may be failed to grasp certain things
Even the things are graspable,
It may be failed to recover his life
Even his sickness is recoverable.

Mostly, poor’s dreams are burnt out in vain;
It may be a present life,
It may be a desired life.

Poor merely breathes for the future not for the present;
It may be a perfect human for human society,
It may be come for remarkable service.

However, poor die in present although smile at his mouth;
It may be his heart is burning lively,
It may be hidden many things in his chest,

It may be undecided many things in his brain.

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