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Image Credit: Psephizo

Moot memories were stacked at my brain.
They were pinned as in a chain,
And jammed as an iceberg.
The brain froze as a berg.

No space left to move a neuron,
Blocked out as solid as an iron.
Eyes were the plane mirror,
Which buried to inform the error.

Ears were the hollow space,
Which have no workspace.
Earth was welcoming the night,
Scarcely, at street, appearing light.

After the school, returning to my home,
Dreamt to make extra income.
I saw merely one taxi at the stand,
And took a ticket from the stand.

I checked the ticket once,
And didn't check it twice.
I saw merely seat number,
But buried to check the taxi number.

I waited the taxi till it’s full,
Passenger were getting overfull.
The driver claimed us to show the ticket,
I had to be get out due to the ticket.

No option to accommodate there,
All taxis left the stand there,
The situation made me an illiterate,
I digested the coy by being an illiterate.

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