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Recently, finished the class XII annual exam,
Now, relief from tension which was burden
And enjoy the holidays with amazing tour,
That was I and friends fantasy dream
Sometimes, buddies were gathered with smoke, drinks in den
Thereby we fulfil to the mind in an hour.

Lightly, I have cell phone conversation among friends.
After twelve what will you do? Questions to them,
Do college, do jobs, drop the school from the lips of friends!
But my heart seems weeping visualising to them.
I wanted to study the college
But will a university dole the college!

Some people advise me study in renowned university
And other people, study in affordable university.
I see the empty pocket like thirsty man
But my heart wants to be a good human.
Sometimes, something quarrels inside my brain.
Tear comes in the suicidal mood like falling rain.

Some people advise me work and study.
Earning with learning is the best way for poor.
In one hand, I think, this way is that way really
Where poor can open the locked door,
In other hand, I think, student face difficulty
Because of the harshness of work and study.

Few websites of university have been collected
BCA in IT, my degree which was selected.
When I contact to consultant of the university,
Suggest affordable fee of the university.
But I ask some senior teacher and college student
In more details, I became as an empty pocket student.

Parents are busy in their own world
Even though difficult to join hand and mouth,
They hardly send me, brother and sister to school.
Whenever, I ask for financial help ‘No’ from their mouth.
I have keen interest to become a richest man
But in which angle, can you be a richest man?

I only just filled up the form of scholarship.
Whereas my heart as blowing with eddy.
When I visited the website of scholarship,
Worry about the result like flowers sways in eddy.
From there, I scarcely spend the day,
And I’m eager to know the result out day.

Some people have given their photo for a portrait.
In my soundless studio, where, decorated the painting.
I pinned the canvas on painting board for the portrait.
And hold a brush with hope of fine artist in painting.
I have keen interest to become a richest man
But in which angle, can you be a richest man?

There are poly ways to survive in the earth,
But I unable to lead a true life
In my hand have creative skill in the sense of art.
But I unable to succeed it in my life,
I have desire to be a renowned person after study
But never I wore a cloth or dress in tidy.

My thinking was scatter as an air everywhere
But never got a solution from nowhere,
But who can hear from where.
Thus, my heart is perplex somewhere!
Thus, my heart is perplex somewhere!!

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