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Image Credit: Money Under 30

I lied on bed after supper,
Volcanic thinking came in my brain,
My college brother blew my ear,
Art exhibition entertainment,
Be a participant of college feast,
Heart says your chance is least.

Others founded me a laser photo printer on my painting,
Some onlooker’s eyes were blinking less on my painting,
With their encouragement few paintings were painted,
Popularising the art plus learning I wanted,
But these unframed paintings were folded by newspaper,
How could I present the paintings in front of all!
Empty account and wallet rolled out my tear,
I rang to borrower he played me as a volleyball.

Fixed deposition date was coming nearer,
Money collector began to urge me,
Hoped I beg money from a lender,
Other side, friend has invited me,
Same time, rent lender and shopkeeper were waiting me.
It was end of month, money burned me.

I urged to a borrower countless time through calls,
But he feared to receive my calls,
For him I was a king of hell,
Fortunately, sometimes he did back call,
I was delightful while ringing the tone,
I was dis-hearted after pressing the green button.

But! I’ve given my name to the exhibition,
And my name couldn’t be out,
I needed money, I needed money!
Why my parents are poor, I was in frustration,
Morning and evening, I pray but poor God,
At last! I implored my uncle to lend me the money,
This hurdle was success,
I thought depleted but still debt more or less.

Again, I implored the money to a buddy,
For once, banking deposition was solved,
My parents were hardly sending the monthly expenditure,
The condition like a blowing eddy,
Gradually, my cell phone involved,
The obstacle were become a pressure.

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