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Freedom of animals and human clearly visible,
An atomic bomb galvanises me the third world war,
Perhaps, human deviltry may be feasible,
But I’m afraid of hearing the enemy's name more than the war.

Started as one month, staying at home,
Shortage of groceries, time may reveal, 
The enemy may reach to your home,
Finding his attacks, need a lab to reveal.

Such a devilish enemy haven't born ever,
His inhumanity is not less than hang-to-death never,
You can see your death, very near and near,
Moving out of home, life and death, a great fear.

The enemy colonises your country as a trader,
Not for growing your business but his own,
Social distancing, only a way to boycott the offender,
Stop helping him, but abiding law, save the life, yours own.

But don't be confused with the creator of the enemy,
I'm only talking about the enemy, 
Who makes us compulsion of wearing face masks, 
And staying at home till the completion of his traitorous tasks.

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  1. Wow. Superb Poem. Simple to read. Thank you so much Sir!

    1. Thanks for visiting and sparing your time on my blog.

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