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Leaving own home for better education,
Building a dream of Eden in this Earth,
Promise, embellish my future with the education,
All these slowly going up in flames of hearth.

It's been many days, within four walls,
Coughing energies also melting down as snowbank,
I hear louder my thin voice returning from the walls,
The boulevard of city, empty as awash riverbank.

I wish to back home in the abeyant world,
If I were a bird, I could have returned home,
But the micro-organism froze us in the world,
And neither I do study nor back home.

I couldn't get the taste of homely food here,
Cashless as own shadow leaves me in prison cell, 
Neither I buy any food item nor someone serves me here,
Now, I feel, own room not less than a hell.

Wild animals on roads and cities seeing us in cages,
They might talk about us why we are shut up in cages,
No one can tell them about the micro-organism,
How the world is shut up into a big cage by the micro-organism.

If I were at home, I can breathe more pacific than here,
Willing to reach home on foot may take a year,
But I fear that my cadaver may not even reach there.
If I stay here, I feel my home is far safer than here.

Here and there, a single mistake may take me away from this world,
On Facebook, news of Sikkim for evacuation, going on debating,
I don't know, if I get chance, I will find my nirvana in this world,
I don't know why I feel home is everything.

Word Bank
Eden: paradise, nirvana, heaven, promised land
embellish: decorate, add more details to, beautify
boulevard: a wide street or thoroughfare
abeyant: temporarily inactive, suspended
pacific: calm, peaceful 
cadaver: corpse, dead body
evacuation: move out of an unsafe location into safety
nirvana: any place of complete bliss and delight and peace; paradise, heaven.

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  1. Sharr your opinions on the students of Sikkim who resides outside Sikkim for higher education and willing to back home during this pandemic situation.


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