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I found only the pieces of broken glass,
When I step into the teachers' lounge.
I feel the only pain caused by broken glass,
When I walk inside the lounge.

I'm in such a plight,
Can't breathe well nor live well either.
Why only I'm the prey of the plight? 
Not a prevarication nor had a misapprehension either.

Some works inevitable, 
Have to talk at each other,
But the jest makes me unnegotiable,
Who knows it will be barrier at each other.

Everyone makes a jest of someone, 
But I didn't expect the jest of yours, 
Will be retailed by someone,
And will be the loathing person of yours. 

Perhaps, the matter will be muted,
If you trust me what I confess,
But I didn't expect you, it will be unmuted,
And respond to fiery voice on what I confess.

Image credit:  The Economic Times 

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