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Image Credit: Relationship Frank Talk

There, no caste and religion,
Young and old either,
Cellphone and job for attraction,
No need of expert either.

Artless offerings and consort,
Exist only in front of eye,
Duty for unhomely consort,
Life is hidden for their's eye.

Neither qualification nor good english,
The melodious cellphonic vox,
Splendid figure to embellish,
You can't be free even his drained deedbox.

You are here for money,
Day and night ready to get honey,
Coz you enticed to his money,
Doesn't matter how he is honey.

No line of control to your age,
Who is your own kin or not?
Pocket-sized to your menage,
Out of home, isn't you hot?

To make a huge penny,
May not be possible in a jiffy,
But is your mind poisoned by penny?
Or do want easiest way in a jiffy?

Your heart is a tomato,
He can easily grind to pickle,
Your eyes are a potato,
Anyone can fickle.

During study you are minded by street dogs,
You too a cat can be tempted by cash,
After study you are a prey of bulldogs,
You can be deceived for want of job without cash.

Your chassis is a ware,
Can be monetised illicitly,
Are you fille or earthenware?
Is there no obligation licitly?

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